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    Aluminum - Single D6 with Aluminum Symbol True Metal D6

    NOR 02620

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    • Built for Long Adventures. If you are a real lover of pen and paper RPG games, you definitely know the importance of high quality dice. It’s the perfect gift for RPG lovers and generally every dice enthusiast.

      - Precisely cut using computer guided machines that always deliver perfect results

      - Made of durable Aluminum which provides a luxurious look and feel

      - Feature engraved numbers that will never get damaged and you will always know the exact result of every throw

      - Designed to perfection in order to give you a great feel and roll every time

      An impressive show of metal-working and intricate craftsmanship, each die is cut, polished engraved to perfection. An envy-worthy addition to your collection, this D6 will stand the test of time and be a prized possession for not just you but all the generations that it will get passed down to.