Frequently asked questions


What is your shipping timeframe?

At Norse Foundry, we offer various shipping options to fit your needs. Free shipping for domestic orders usually takes 3 - 5 business days within the continental US. However, please note that we cannot guarantee delivery timeframes on free shipping, as they are only estimates.

For expedited shipping, orders must be placed by 7 am Eastern Standard Time for overnight shipping. Please note that Overnight and 2 Day shipping are only available during business days, and we do not offer weekend delivery service. In addition, all non-expedited international shipments are processed on Mondays and Fridays only, with an estimated delivery time of 6 - 10 business days.

If you choose international shipping, both US and incoming customs offices have the right to hold a package for up to 2 weeks, which can delay the estimated delivery time. We do not guarantee any international shipments, but we can only provide estimates. Expedited international shipments will be processed within one business day of the order being placed.

What is your cut off for expedited shipping (Overnight, 2 Day)

All orders that are overnight packages the cut off is 7 am eastern standard time. Please note that overnight and 2 day are only business days and we do not offer Saturday or Sunday delivery service. We do not ship during weekends so all shipments order on the weekend will be processed on the next business day.

What is your international shipping timeframe?

International shipping is rated at 6 - 10 business days. Please be advised both US and the incoming customs office has the right to hold a package for any reason for up to 2 weeks and can delay this estimate if it is held. We do not guarantee any of international shipments we can only provide estimates due to this. 

I am missing an item what can I do?

If you find that you are missing an item from your Norse Foundry order, don't worry! 

Simply send an email to with a picture of your packing receipt, your order number, and the name of the missing item
Our customer service team will work quickly to resolve the issue and ensure that you receive your missing item as soon as possible.

What should I do if my shipment is damaged?

If you receive a damaged item from Norse Foundry, we apologize for the inconvenience. To resolve the issue, simply send an email to with a picture of the damaged item and your order number. Our customer service team will work quickly to replace the damaged item and ensure that you receive a new one as soon as possible.

Does International Shipping Include VAT, Customs or Taxes?

No. Our international shipping fee only covers the cost of shipping the item to you via USPS and the required documents to get it from the United States. Unfortunately due to a variety of tax laws, VAT fees and customs we are not able to prepay or cover any costs associated with importing the items into your country. 

Free Shipping Delivery time

We normally find that Free Shipping takes 3 - 5 business days in the continental US.

Returns & Replacements

How Long Does a Refund Take?

How long does it take to process refunds?

We will process your return within 2 business days of receiving the return back to our return address. This does not include the day the return was received, national holidays or weekends. We will process all refunds to the original payment method. 

Gemstone & Glass Replacement

If you have any concerns regarding Gemstone/Glass replacements, please contact Norse Foundry through email at

In your email, please include the following details to facilitate a swift resolution:
1. Order number:
2. Product name:
3. Description of the issue:
4. Photos:
5. Address for the replacement gemstone shipment:

Providing this information will enable the Norse Foundry team to promptly evaluate the situation and collaborate with you to arrange for the replacement gemstone to be dispatched at the earliest convenience.

Return Policy

A. Returns are accepted within 30 from delivery date.
Upon receipt of your order, and if you are not completely satisfied, email within 30 from delivery date for a refund, swap, or replacement.

B. Return Address
Contact our Support Team first ( to determine if you qualify for a return/replacement/swap request.
Norse Foundry
286 American Greeting Card, Rd
Corbin, KY 40701

C. Qualified Returns
 - 30 days. Items returned within 30 days from the delivery date
 - Original Packaging. All items must be returned brand new in unused condition with all original packaging.

D. Unqualified Returns
Any return that does not include packaging or is damaged will be subject to a restocking fee and/or rejection at the cost of the buyer to send the item back to them.

E. Return Shipping
 - Damaged/Missing Dice. Mailed replacement will be paid for by Norse Foundry such as scratched or missing dice.
 - Return shipping. Shipping is at the expense of the returner.
 - Misc. We are unable to accept any packages sent with Cash on Delivery, Postage Due or any outstanding costs due at delivery. Anything sent this method will be rejected and returned at the cost of the sender and will not qualify as an acceptable return.

F. Refund Processing Timeframe.
 - We will process your return within 2 business days of receiving the item excluding the day received and weekends.
 - We will process all refunds to the original payment method.

G. Cancel Order.
If we haven't already shipped please simply email us at with your order number and we will do our best to cancel your order before shipment.

H. Return to Sender Policy
Any shipments that are returned to sender will be processed via our return policy. Any reshipments requests will require a shipping fee. All refunds for rejected, invalid address or incorrect addresses will be processed as soon as we receive the return back from the carrier within 2 business days. All return to sender refunds are subject to a shipping fee of the original postage lost due to this return. We are not responsible for any lost items that never arrive back to us by the carrier due to any of these reasons above for the return. 

Custom Orders

Looking for Singles we do not sell?

I would like to order a single die not offered in singles, can I do this?

Yes! We would be happy to get the dice you want with the design that fits your style out to you. Email us at and we can help you from there. Please keep in mind that we put together our orders by the first of every month, from there it can take up to 45-60 days.


Do sales apply to customer orders?

No, unfortunately since we have to order single units we do not get a bulk discount on them and cannot offer the kind of discounts we offer during sales.

Custom Fonts and Designs

Can I do a customized logo or design for my dice?

We can make arrangements as long as you have the rights to use the font or design for the dice, meaning that we cannot do your favorite brand or superhero. We will not be able to do custom fonts for alloy based dice unless you have a minimum of 500 units ordered. We recommend using the Aluminum options for custom dice because they are carved and can be made a fewer quantities. We offer gemstone custom dice at 50 units minimum.

We reserve the right to turn down any job that we believe could infringe on the rights of another individual or company. All custom orders requires a signed agreement stating that you do own the rights or permission to the rights and hold Norse Foundry unaccountable for any IP violations.

Custom Coins

Can you do custom coins?

Yes, we can do custom coins, with the minimum quantity ordered of 500 units, in all sizes up of coins per a single design. If you have any further questions or are interested in processing an order, please email!

Please keep in mind that the design for the coin has to be approved first, then from there, it can take up to 60 days after approval for the coins to be made and shipped out.

Do you do custom dice/products?

If you are interested in custom products, we offer a variety of options with different minimum order quantities and wait periods: 

 - For Gemstones and Glass, the minimum order quantity is 50.
 - For Alloys, we require a minimum order amount of 500, with an additional mold fee.
 - For Aluminum, we offer a minimum of 1-2 sets or 3-4 singles.

If you are interested in changing the font or adding a logo or picture to your dice, there will be an additional charge of $5 or $10, respectively. Please note that we cannot include copyrighted images on our dice without the proper permit.

 - For custom coins, we will need to know the size and design you want, and we require a minimum order of 500 per design with a molding fee per coin design. 

 - For custom pins, we offer a minimum order quantity of 350 units. 

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us at

About us

Our Hours

We are stationed in Florida, United States. Our hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. If you are expecting an answer to an email, these are the main times when we are available to answer questions.
All packages, if in stock, may take up to 1 day to send out within the time frame of our hours. International shipments are sent out every Monday and every Friday, unless special mailing requested. When we are attending conventions, our time to get packages out may be longer.

Keep in Touch with Us

We have many ways that you can keep in touch with Norse Foundry and our #NorseFoundryCrew, if you haven't make sure to add us on all of your social media links. If you want to hang with us on a day to day basis join our discord server where we talk about life, dice and the pursuit of happiness! Link below:

When was Norse Foundry Founded?

November 26th 2011 in 2D10 Games

When did we start playing D&D?

While we vary in different editions and when we started playing we started playing D&D as early as 1997 with 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and as late as 4th Edition (we know, we know).

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