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    Pencils of Legends - RPG Pencils with erasers by Norse Foundry

    NOR 03600


    Careful, these dice are sharp!

    The pencil is most definitely mightier than the sword when you’re overcoming obstacles with these writing utensils of legendary namesake. Toss your Pencil Wand of Fireball to roll for damage or roll to Overcome adversersity aided by your trusty Pencil of Fate, all while keeping immaculate notes as your story unfurls. Available as a d6 or specialized for use with the FATE Core System, these pencils will make you wish you forgot your dice at home.


    *These pencils are not affiliated with any kickstarter (if you were affected by an unfulfilled kickstarter email us at for a special discount)

    Pencil Dice were originally designed by Sebastian Bergne this is our interpretation of dice made of pencils.