One of our passion projects is putting out Royalty Free Music for your Roleplaying Games and general Gaming. Whether its in person, online, twitch or wherever you choose to play these songs are Royalty Free to use for small business (less then 10 employees) or personal use (commercial license available). We ask that you please give credit in any videos that you use our work in with a link to this page or the corresponding streaming service you are using. Disclaimer should be “Royalty Free music provided by Norse Foundry” with a hyper link back to a streaming service used. Norse Foundry will provide a release from the music label for any copyright claims however it is on the user to submit and settle the claim with the channel broadcasted on. Norse Foundry makes no guarantees or promises that the streaming service will clear the copyright claim from any other artist. You agree to not hold Norse Foundry and Stream Potion liable for any copyright claims, damages or deactivations that are made by any party or artist that is not Norse Foundry or the music label Stream Potion for the use of this music. We will do everything we can to help clear up any claims made but the final decision is with the broadcaster. Please be aware that using a streaming service that has any ads between or during songs or switches to other music can lead to copyright strikes and outside of our Royalty Free Music.