Pebbles - Frosted K9



Introducing Pebbles - Frosted K9, a harmonious symphony of elegance and nature embodied in a charming pebble version. Crafted from the captivating Frosted K9 material and adorned with delicate gold enamel fill, each piece invites you to experience the captivating interplay of crystalline clarity and refined craftsmanship.

Pebbles - Frosted K9 brings the allure of ice and light to your surroundings. The Frosted K9 material captures the enchanting dance of light within frozen formations, infusing your space with a sense of purity and tranquility. The pebble design introduces a tactile element, allowing you to appreciate not only the visual beauty but also the exquisite texture of these crystalline pieces.

These pebbles transcend mere decoration; they encapsulate the grace of natural forms and the artistry that transforms them. The Frosted K9 material resonates with the elegance of ice and snow, while the gold enamel fill adds a touch of opulence that complements the inherent beauty.

Whether you choose to display them as captivating accents or utilize them to create an atmosphere of refinement, Pebbles - Frosted K9 invites you to celebrate the mesmerizing beauty of crystalline clarity. Immerse yourself in the essence of frozen landscapes and light with these exquisite Frosted K9 pieces, meticulously designed in their charming pebble form, now enriched with the touch of golden elegance.

Size: 12mm