Orb of Venom - 7 Piece RPG Set 6063 Aluminum Orb Series™ Dice



  • Venom tends to provide long-lasting damage that decays your opponent until multiple turns. An orb of venom is perfect for neutralizing multiple adversaries at once. The dark ball of toxic poison eats away at the armor and flesh of your opponents, making all your further attacks fruitful while rendering theirs futile. This beautiful dice set features a beautiful black tint with green Norse fonts, giving it that dark sinister look while offering a touch of luxury.

    Add this premium dice to your collection and make every game a wonderful one. Dungeon masters will surely get brownie points for introducing one of these sets to your players.

    Each die is made using CNC machine milling and undergoes multi-colored anodization. This presents it with enchanting beauty while also making each die 100% unique, with no two dice ever looking the same.