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  • Atmar's Cardography - 5E and Fate Module in a Deck of Cards Random Dungeon Generator

    NOR 03553

    Cardography is a 52 card dungeon crawl module for use with your favorite roleplaying game. We have created downloadable pdf module for Fate Core and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The dungeon tile cards can be used in a specific order for the module, in a random dungeon build, or as a story builder for your own setting. 
    The downloadble full color module contains new monsters, new magic items, and new NPCs from the unique fantasy world Revilo. 
    Whether you are looking to surprise your players with something they have never seen, or looking for a way to keep a dungeon in your bag, Cardography is great for every gamer. 
    Atmar's Cardography: Enter the Fiery Pits
    A cult of Burnadazi are attempting to raise their god from the volcanic pits. Can you stop them before evil erupts?
    Atmar's Cardography: Break Through the Icy Divide
    A wealth of magic and splendor is on the other side of the Icy Divide. Can you fight your way through the caverns and reap the rewards?
    *Dice not included