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Aged Mithiral - Boulder® 45mm D20 Metal Dice

  • Material: Zinc Alloy

    Color: Brushed Silver

    Number Fill: Black Enamell

As with most things in life, the bigger the dice, the better. Aptly named boulders, this 45mm D20 metal die is truly massive. These alloy boulders aren’t just absolutely gorgeous and flaunt-worthy, they’re also let you see the numbers better and offer more stability, so there’s no room for errors, ever. Carved and polished with a brushed metal finish, these bad boys are definitely something special that just cannot be ignored no matter where you take them. The numbers are engraved and filled with bright, bold colors to make them clearly visible from every corner of the table.

*Small D20 is just to show scale it is not included in purchase.


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