Stars of Auriga - Astroid Boulder® 45MM Alloy Dice



  • Embrace the Power. Inspired by the 21st biggest constellation cataloged by Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE, Auriga is also one of the most beautiful. This pentagon-shaped constellation especially caught our eye because of its pentagon shape that’s reminiscent of our polyhedral dice. Designed in rainbow scorched zinc alloy with a beautiful teal enamel filling, the Stars of Auriga dice is undeniably gorgeous. The scorched metal shifts its colors as you gently roll it across the table to look as bright as a striking collection of stars. This dice is crafted in zinc alloy and is carefully engraved to give it its star-like mesmerizing beauty.

    You will receive a single Zinc Alloy D20. The D20 is approximately 45mm.