Solstice - Astroid Boulder® 45MM Alloy Dice



  • Embrace the Power. Celebrated as some of the most unique astronomical phenomena that we experience on Earth, the Solstice denotes the shortest and longest days on earth. The Earth tilts towards the sun during the June Solstice and away from the Sun during the December Solstice, therefore affecting the energy levels here on the planet. Occurring only twice per year, this rare phenomenon is also attached to deeper spiritual meanings that are brought upon us due to Earth’s connection to the sun. We created the Solstice dice in a luxe antique copper color and finished it with deep blue number filling to create a design that’s truly out of this world. Possessing a luxurious, antique charm, this single RPG dice makes a stunning addition to any avid dice collector’s collection. Made with zinc alloy, they’re durable and great for intense rolling too.

    You will receive a single Zinc Alloy D20. The D20 is approximately 45mm.