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Adventure Coins – Pirates Metal Coins Set of 10

  • Hardened by life’s injustices, you live as a pirate who sails across the seas in search of a bountiful loot that you can claim for yourself. Cold-hearted, frightening, and just plain evil, you are not afraid to use your hook to pierce through your enemies’ hearts for that sweet, sweet gold. Every time you find yourself in new lands, brute force can only get you killed. Exchange some of these coins for some food, board, or some much-needed ammo.

    The gorgeously realistic textures, designs the intricate craftsmanship that went into making this has earned it worldwide reputation and even an Ennie nomination.

    We created this Pirates Adventure Coin set with metal alloy and each coin is machine engraved to offer consistent details and finish quality. They resemble real-world coins and are a perfect and essential addition to your RPG game set whether you’re playing D&D or any other RPG.

    This item is not legal currency.