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    NOR 03514

    Set of 10 Coins

    • Sailing across waters to raid over other foreign lands isn’t the only thing you should be worried about. There are expenses that come with having your own army of Norse raiders with you. From food, shelter, weapons, and skills, these don’t always come cheap, even for a raider. So stack up on all the coins that you can whether by completing alternative quests or looting your way out of it. Beware, all great treasures are guarded by a great enemy - tread wisely and lead well.

      We created this Norse Adventure Coin set with metal alloy and each coin is machine engraved to offer consistent details and finish quality. They resemble real-world coins and are a perfect and essential addition to your RPG game set whether you’re playing D&D or any other RPG.

      This item is not legal currency.