Zircon Blue Topaz - 7 Piece RPG Set Zircon Glass Dice

  • With an ear-piercing crackle, an electric blue jolt of lightning strikes the earth. Only this one is not from the heavens, but from land, from the nostrils of a great blue creature—the Behir. Often mistaken for wingless blue dragons, these slithering, scaly snake-like creatures have 12 feet to help them climb as well. As intimidating as a blue dragon and incredibly speedy, you wouldn’t want to go snooping around their isolated lairs, if you like staying alive.

    Boasting a deep blue color that’s similar to the glossy scales of the Behir, this Blue Topaz dice set has a captivating beauty to it.

*Wooden Hex Chest sold separately.

    For Directions on how to maintain your Gemstone, click here.

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