Copper - Single D6 True Metal Dice

Dice Information

Base Metal: Copper

Color: Copper

Number Fill: No Fill

Weight: 7.9 oz

Corners: Rounded Corners


*These are real steel they will tarnish and may come tarnished you will have to clean and upkeep these as they are REAL Copper!

If you are a real lover of pen and paper RPG games, you definitely know the importance of high quality dice.

-They are precisely cut using computer guided machines that always deliver perfect results!
-Are made of durable and heavy Real Copper which provides a luxurious look and feel!
-Feature engraved numbers that will never get damaged and you will always know the exact result of every throw!
-Are designed to perfection in order to give you a great feel and roll every time!

This D6 can make for the perfect gift for RPG lovers and generally every dice enthusiast.

With one order, you will receive on D6.

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