Super Nova - Space Dice 7 Piece RPG Set



  • Your Next Space Adventure. The largest explosion to ever happen in space, the supernova is a bright and supremely powerful explosion of a star that happens at the end of its life. A supernova is quite like one last crazy party before a star finally bows out. We knew we had to dedicate a dice set to this rare yet fantastical phenomenon. Crafted in Zinc alloy with a captivating rainbow scorched finish, this Supernova-inspired polyhedral dice set looks like a wild space party in dice form. The dice refract light as you roll it across the table and display all the colors of the rainbow, making it a flaunt-worthy dice set that your fellow campaigners won’t be able to take their eyes off.

    Durable Material. Made from solid zinc alloy. They are strong, solid and ready for the challenge of any adventure. Each piece is meticulously designed to create a unique space adventure.