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    NOR 03703

    Celebrate your Pennsylvania pride and tabletop gaming passion with our State Pin D20 - Pennsylvania, a striking enamel pin that seamlessly fuses local pride with gaming style. Encased in the bold outlines of the Pennsylvania state shape, this pin features a sleek black enamel fill that serves as the perfect canvas for the centerpiece—a vivid sunflower-colored D20.

    More than just an accessory, this pin is a symbol of your love for gaming adventures and the unique character of Pennsylvania. Whether you're a seasoned gamer, a collector, or a proud Pennsylvanian, wear the State Pin D20 with pride on your lapel, bag, or gaming gear. Let the vibrant sunflower hue and the Keystone State's silhouette speak volumes about your dual allegiance to tabletop magic and the rich heritage of Pennsylvania. Elevate your style and showcase your passions with this uniquely crafted enamel pin.