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Set of 7 Brass RPG Dice by Norse Foundry Polyhedral Dice Set

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  • Also known as Abyssinian Gold, this alloy of copper and zinc offers the best of both materials. The unique golden tint makes this set that much more luxurious and impressive. Computerized machines are used to cut, carve and engrave each dice set to perfection. The decorative properties and incredible durability of brass make this not just a brag-worthy addition to your RPG game set, but also one that will be appreciated on a showcase.

    Bring it with you to your next game and watch all your friends stare at it in awe, mesmerized by its beauty. The expert craftsmanship and attention to detail make this a priceless possession that you will love to hand over to your children and heirs so that your legacy carries on through each of these 7 pieces.

    Each die is made with brass using computerized CNC machine milling and engraved with our signature Norse fonts. This ensures that each die is perfectly carved, polished and finished without any sharp edges. Made with metal, it makes a great addition to your prized collection.