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Lich Purple - 7 Piece RPG Set 6063 Aluminum Dice - Regular Font

  • Level Up Your Game. Rotting corpses clinching on to life, using their spells to keep them from ceasing to exist. Liches are no ordinary creatures, these undead sorcerers are powerful enough to scare warriors awaywith just their gaze. By raising a horde of dead soldiers with a simple gesture, the Lich will pushyour team to its limit. This dice set is crafted with the power to destroy a Lich’s will anddismember its phylactery in a single blow. A true lucky charm in all your adventures, this lovelyset is complemented with a durable aluminum case. Display it, admire it and get ready for yourgreatest adventure yet.

    A Dice Set Worthy of Royalty. Discover the most essential gaming accessories available. The Norse Foundry polyhedral dice set is made of premium aluminum, which will guarantee its durability under any circumstances. Designed with extreme attention to detail and practicality our balanced and well-weighted dice are going to become the epicenter of attention during your next gaming session.

    Express Your Own Style. Available in 15 different colors you are sure to find the one that matches your personal style. In addition, the finely engraved numbers are easy to read and extremely beautiful to look at, making the Norse Foundry polyhedral dice set a unique addition to any gaming collection.

    Innovation At Your Fingertips. We, at Norse Foundry, take great pride in implementing innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Computer-guided machines are utilized to precisely cut our elite dice and professional CNC machinery is used to ensure that every single dice is evenly balanced and always provides 100% random results.