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    NOR 03472

    Aptly orient you and your adventuring party with Norse Foundry’s Compass Rose Coin.

    This navigation tool is perfect for signifying “true north” on any dungeon or world map, aiding your party in logistical and tactical endeavors alike. The Compass Rose measures in at a generous but manageable 50 millimeters in diameter and 4 millimeters in thickness, and it is machined out of the same zinc alloy as the beloved Norse Foundry Adventure Coin sets. The rose itself designates the eight principle winds, as well as graduated markings for all 24 half and quarter-winds. It boasts an attractive star design on one facing, and an interesting series of concentric circles on the reverse. If you find yourself setting forth on a nautical voyage to another land, or delving a dungeon’s depths, you’ll always know where you’re headed and where you’ve been with this Compass Rose Coin.