Pink Striped Agate - 7 Piece RPG Set Gemstone Dice

  • Embrace the Power. A thick, dense purple-colored potion with an ovoid pink cloud floating in it is always a sign of good luck. This potion isn’t just beautiful to look at but is extremely useful too, it’s the potion of mind reading. Save it for when you’re about to get head into combat and you’ll always have the upper hand over your opponents. Giving you the power to look into their thoughts you’ll be able to flawlessly defend any attack or even sense signs of betrayal from friends you may have made along the way.

    Made from Genuine Gemstones. Sourced from the Western United States, pink striped Agate boasts an enchanting pink-to-purple gradient that makes this a beautiful addition to your D&D gear.

    Unique Design. Each die is individually sandblasted and hand-carved in naturally occurring gemstones, which means no two dices will ever have the same pattern, making each set truly one of a kind.

    For Directions on how to maintain your Gemstone, click here.

    *Dice Box Not Included with Purchase.

    *Variations of colors do include purple*

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