Pebbles - Frosted Sapphire



Introducing Pebbles - Frosted Sapphire, a remarkable fusion of nature's elegance and refined craftsmanship in a charming pebble version. Crafted from the exquisite Frosted Sapphire material and adorned with delicate gold enamel fill, each piece invites you to experience the timeless allure of precious gems and the artistry that shapes them.

Pebbles - Frosted Sapphire brings the allure of sapphire's deep blue hues to your surroundings. The Frosted Sapphire material captures the captivating depth and richness of the gemstone, infusing your space with a sense of serenity and sophistication. The pebble design adds a tactile dimension, allowing you to feel the smoothness of these precious stones in your hand.

These pebbles go beyond mere decoration; they embody the essence of the earth's treasures and the mastery that refines them. The Frosted Sapphire material reflects the allure of gemstones, while the gold enamel fill adds a touch of opulence that enhances their inherent beauty.

Whether you choose to showcase them as exquisite accents or use them to create an atmosphere of refinement, Pebbles - Frosted Sapphire invites you to celebrate the captivating allure of precious gems. Immerse yourself in the elegance of sapphire's deep blue hues and the opulent touch of gold with these remarkable Frosted Sapphire pieces, meticulously designed in their charming pebble form.

Size: 12mm