Pebbles - Frosted Amber



Introducing the captivating marvel of Pebbles - Frosted Amber, a unique and exquisite addition to your collection. Crafted in a charming pebble version, each piece is formed from the mesmerizing frosted zircon Amber, bringing a touch of nature's beauty and timeless elegance to your surroundings.

Pebbles - Frosted Amber invites you to embrace the enchanting allure of natural materials. The frosted zircon Amber exudes a warm and inviting radiance, reminiscent of sunlit days and the whispers of ancient forests. The pebble form adds a tactile element, inviting you to hold and admire these pieces, feeling the smoothness of the amber beneath your fingertips.

These pebbles are more than just decorative items – they're a testament to the beauty of the natural world and the craftsmanship that shapes it. The frosted zircon Amber captures the essence of ancient earth, while the pebble design pays homage to the countless years that have shaped these stones.

Whether displayed as artful decorations or used as tactile elements to ground your environment, Pebbles - Frosted Amber is a celebration of nature's elegance. Embrace the connection to the earth and the timeless beauty of amber with these exquisite frosted zircon pieces in their charming pebble form.

Size: 12mm