Orb of Disintegration - 7 Piece RPG Set 6063 Aluminum Orb Series™ Dice



  • Watch your enemies turn to dust with this orb of disintegration themed polyhedral dice set.

    This powerful sphere holds within it the ability to spread suffering and destruction in any land. Once it detonates, no one around it can escape the wrath of the spell, making it an incredible way to vanquish your opponents. Featuring an opulent combination of black and gold, this RPG dice set is undeniably gorgeous. Crafted in Aircraft Grade Aluminum, it is not only extremely durable but also gives you the perfect weight for a balanced and comfortable roll for precision in every move.

    Each die is made using CNC machine milling and undergoes multi-colored anodization. This presents it with enchanting beauty while also making each die 100% unique, with no two dice ever looking the same.