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Norse Foundry

Brass - Nimbus Set

Brass - Nimbus™ 7 Piece RPG Set True Metal Dice

Dice Information

Base Metal: Brass

Anodization: Brass

Number Fill: Pure Brass

Type: Nimbus (Caged/Floating Dice)

Express Your Own Style
Available in different materials you are sure to find the one that matches your personal style. In addition, the finely engraved numbers are easy to read and extremely beautiful to look at, making the Norse Foundry polyhedral dice set a unique addition to any gaming collection.

Innovation At Your Fingertips
We, at Norse Foundry, take great pride in implementing innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Computer-guided machines are utilized to precisely cut our elite dice and professional CNC machinery is used to ensure that every single dice is evenly balanced and always provides 100% random results.
*Due to this die having moving parts there is a small chance of receiving a roll that lands on its side, we recommend taking the highest number or re-rolling. 

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