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Norse Foundry


Nightmare Black - Boulder 45mm D20 Metal Dice

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A 45mm d20 made of pure metal is definitely the way to go if you want to rub it in your GM’s face when you’ve rolled a natural 20. It has a very substantial weight to it, so you won’t have to worry about your metal dice landing on the edge or rolling off the table. The Boulder will surely make the rest of the players pay attention when it comes your turn to roll. Orcs, kobolds, gnomes, goblins or skeletons; all of the enemies will fall before you with the might of your Boulder metal dice rolling on your side. Why choose cheap plastic dice when you can find the metal dice that look like they were forged by norse hands themselves? You won’t regret having these dice on your side when it comes to those higher challenge rating enemies that you’ve succumbed to before, because you’ll be throwing them left and right out of your way to get the coveted prize at the end.
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