Glowstone Green - 7 Piece RPG Set Gemstone Dice

  • Embrace the Power. Dim the lights and turn the spook on at your next D&D meetup with this strikingly gorgeous glow in the dark RPG dice set. Made with a combination of Quartz and glow in the dark material, these dice produce an enchanting glow that just takes your game to another dimension. Whether you’re traversing a path filled with ghosts and spooks or taking on a sci-fi adventure, these dice are the perfect way to give your game a realistic feel. Give your character nocturnal-vision and allow them to tackle any hurdles with these dice lighting up their path.

    Unique Design. Each die is individually sandblasted and hand-carved in naturally occurring gemstones, which means no two dices will ever have the same pattern, making each set truly one of a kind.

    This product is made by a trained professional but due to the nature of natural materials, the item being hand carved and sandblasted please allow for slight variations due to the nature of this product. 

    For Directions on how to maintain your Gemstone, click here.

    *Dice Box Not Included with Purchase.

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