Frosted K9 Rainbow Glass - Raised 7 Piece RPG Set K9 Glass Dice



  • A New Power. This frosted K9 rainbow glass dice set looks as if carved out of ice. The transparent material with its frosted finish truly lends an icy finish that reflects the light around it. This property of the material makes it a wonderful set to play on LED tabletops and under a direct source of light. The hardness of the frosted glass makes it an incredibly reliable set that can be used on wood and glass without worrying about scratching or denting the surface. Ideal for those frigid conquests high up in the mountains and through winters, this dice set welcomes players to push their skills and storytelling prowess to the next level.

    Enchant Your Opponents. Experience the prismatic beauty of the K9 Rainbow Glass Dice set. Carefully hand-carved in highly reflective K9 rainbow glass, the blinding beauty of this dice set is reminiscent of the Displacer Beast that bends light to create illusions that confuse you. Displaying a different color every time you look at it from a different angle, this glass possesses a hypnotic beauty that can come in handy when you’re in combat. Delicate-looking and transparent yet incredibly durable, this RPG dice set is sure to make an impact every time you bring it to a session.

    This product is made by a trained professional but due to the nature of natural materials, the item being hand carved and sandblasted please allow for slight variations due to the nature of this product.

    For special requests add on White Glove Service.

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