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  • Dungeon Delve Runestones™ - 25mm D20 - Bone Yard

    NOR 00804

    • Embrace the Power. Rainbows fill the sky and spring seems to be in full bloom. The path across the beautiful countryside invites you to bask in nature, but the distant clouds remind you of a greater mission. The dark clouds and ravenous mountains carry the treacherous quest awaiting your arrival. This single RPG Dice is one that comforts you as you proceed to ride past countrymen, traders, and civilization and towards impending darkness. The gorgeously crafted dice are cast in metal and finished with black skulls and colored numerals, reminding you of the duality that exists around you. Heavy and round-edged for maximum playing pleasure, this dice will change the course of your game.

      You will receive a single Zinc Alloy D20. The D20 is approximately 25mm.