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    NOR 00727

    Introducing Gravestones - Nightshade, a hauntingly elegant addition to your collection in 14mm Polyhedral Dice. Crafted from the shimmering silver alloy and adorned with a delicate transparent blue enamel fill, each piece invites you to delve into a world of mystique and artistry.

    Gravestones - Nightshade captures the essence of shadows and moonlight in miniature form. The silver alloy material exudes an air of otherworldly beauty, as if touched by ethereal hands. The transparent blue enamel fill adds a touch of enchantment, lending an eerie yet captivating glow that suggests secrets and stories untold.

    These 14mm Polyhedral gravestones transcend mere décor; they embody the whispers of the night and the mastery that shapes them. The silver alloy material reflects the enigmatic allure of moonlit nights, while the transparent blue enamel fill casts an aura of mystery that captures the imagination.

    Whether displayed as a haunting accent or used to create an atmosphere of intrigue, Gravestones - Nightshade invites you to embrace the allure of the shadows. Immerse yourself in the beauty of moonlit nights and the enigmatic touch of transparent blue with these exquisite silver alloy pieces, meticulously designed in their 14mm Polyhedral Dice-sized form.