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  • Adventure Coins – Orc and Goblins Metal Coins Set of 10

    NOR 03446

    Set of 10 Coins

    • While they spend most of their time pillaging through villages and raising havoc, these savages usually carry a huge amount of loot. Getting through to a well-guarded orc loot would take immense skill and courage, as many of these may come in groups. While it isn’t advised that you go at it with head-on, you can get through a horde with some help from your friends, and the loot will be worth it.

      Pay for all your expenses and barter weapons, potions, spells, and rare items, to give your character the best advantage at all times.

      We created this Orc and Goblins Adventure Coin set with metal alloy and each coin is machine engraved to offer consistent details and finish quality. They resemble real-world coins and are a perfect and essential addition to your RPG game set whether you’re playing D&D or any other RPG.

      This item is not legal currency.