8 Pack of Antique Silver Metal Meeples by Norse Foundry



Bright, chirpy, and colorful Meeples don’t cut it when you’re playing an RPG game filled with magic, evil mythical creatures, and dangers at every turn. That’s why we created a set of meeples that’ll suit your game’s theme perfectly. Crafted in metal, with dark and elegant finishes, these Meeples are designed for making an impression. The perfect shape and even bottom allow the meeples to stand on their own, so you can use them in all your games easily. Impress all of your friends and elevate your RPG and board game experience with our Meeples set that’s made for legends.

In this pack you will receive 8 Metal Meeples in Antique Silver

These meeples are full size meeples that stand on their own and can be played with any game as great figures.