Damascus Steel - Single D20 True Metal Dice


  • True Metal, True Power. Once used to make swords, axes, arrows and offensive weapons carried by soldiers and emperors at war, this type of steel alloy is both hard and flexible. This steel alloy also possesses a unique property that gives it dreamy, swirl patterns that add to its beauty. It takes incredible precision and technique to work with this material and requires many hours of careful work by a skillful blacksmith. We chartered a special craftsman to design and create each of our Damascus Steel dice sets. With this set, you get an exquisitely crafted piece of art that is worthy of being presented at a museum. The rare quality of the set makes it a great addition to any collector’s treasure trove, and one that will proudly pass through generations.

    Built for Long Adventures. If you are a real lover of pen and paper RPG games, you definitely know the importance of high quality dice. It’s the perfect gift for RPG lovers and generally every dice enthusiast.

    - Precisely cut using computer guided machines that always deliver perfect results

    - Made of durable Damascus Steel which provides a luxurious look and feel

    - Feature engraved numbers that will never get damaged and you will always know the exact result of every throw

    - Designed to perfection in order to give you a great feel and roll every time

    Polished to Perfection. Each die is made with Damascus Steel using CNC machine milling. This ensures that each die is perfectly carved, polished finished without any sharp edges. This presents it with enchanting beauty while also making each die 100% unique, with no two dice ever looking the same. An impressive show of metal-working and intricate craftsmanship, each die is cut, polished engraved to perfection. An envy-worthy addition to your collection, this D20 will stand the test of time and be a prized possession for not just you but all the generations that it will get passed down to.

    * This dice is 20mm