Dungeon Delve - Treachery


  • An Adventure Awaits. Trusting a paladin who has followed the Oath of Treachery is fraught with the undesirable outcome of deceit and betrayal. Under only the direst circumstances and offering an outcome which shall benefit the blackguard should you seek help from one of these lone warriors. This 7-Piece RPG Dice Set equips your character with the quick wit and foresight to see outcomes before their arrival, allowing them to make better tactical moves to win over blackguards despite their allegiance to the lords of hell. The bright pink colors with blue filling offer a touch of vibrance and playfulness that will make your campaigns more enjoyable with each throw.

    Enhance your Dungeons Crawling Experience. Each set has a brilliant dungeon floor design underneath an enamel overlay. These premium metal dice features come with a Norse Foundry tin for protecting your dice when you are not using them.

    Durable Material. Made from solid zinc alloy. They are strong, solid and ready for the challenge of any adventure. Each piece is meticulously designed to create a unique dungeon crawling experience.

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