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  • Space Dice Meteor Runestones™ - 25mm D20 - Meteor Shower

    NOR 00826

    • Your Next Space Adventure. The heavens have opened and are raining fiery death upon the world and all its powerless inhabitants. The meteor shower’s fury is not to be mistaken for anything but the apocalypse. Only the brave, prepared, and mighty will survive such doom. And that description fits your warrior quite well. Whether they are on a quest in a medieval kingdom, slaying dragons and hunting orcs, or in a post-apocalyptic future devoid of anything human, the die is a befitting addition to making the story that much more memorable. Save, attack, and plan your next move as this die showers your table like a meteor.

      Durable Material. Made from solid zinc alloy. They are strong, solid and ready for the challenge of any adventure. Each piece is meticulously designed to create a unique space adventure.

      * This dice is 25mm