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  • Lich Purple - Purple Plushie Meeple 170mm Soft Meeple

    NOR 03108

    • Liches are spellcasting undead who seek eternity using dark magic. Their corpse-like figure might resemble the remains of the dead, but be not mistaken, these might not be alive, but they’re far from dead. The vicious villains of the dark might torment your soul for days after your encounter, but this purple plushie meeple will be the perfect bit of comfort you need when taking on the scourge of the lich. Cushioned and filled for that soft plush feeling, this meeple is perfect for adding to your next DnD roundtable and also serves as a great addition to your RPG theme collection.

      Approximately 8.5" tall x 8" wide x 3" deep