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    NOR 01895

    Introducing the exquisite Pebbles - Frosted Emerald, a manifestation of nature's elegance in a charming pebble version. Crafted from the resplendent frosted zircon Emerald and adorned with delicate gold enamel fill, each piece invites you to experience the beauty of the natural world in a truly unique and captivating form.

    Pebbles - Frosted Emerald transports you to the heart of lush landscapes and the enchanting allure of precious gems. The frosted zircon Emerald captures the mesmerizing verdant hues of nature, infusing your space with a sense of rejuvenation and tranquility. The pebble design adds a tactile element, allowing you to not only see but also feel the natural beauty of these exquisite pieces.

    These pebbles go beyond mere decoration; they embody the essence of the earth's treasures and the mastery that shapes them. The frosted zircon Emerald reflects the richness of nature, while the gold enamel fill adds a touch of elegance that complements the natural allure.

    Whether you choose to showcase them as artful accents or use them to create a soothing atmosphere, Pebbles - Frosted Emerald stands as a tribute to nature's splendor. Embrace the connection to the earth and the timeless beauty of emerald with these stunning frosted zircon pieces, presented in their captivating pebble form.

    Size: 12mm