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Cherry Wood Dice Jail

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Got dice that roll badly? You know what you’ve got to do with them. Send them to dice jail!

Badly behaving dice can ruin the whole game for you and the rest of the party, so you can’t do anything else but isolate them for the rest of the game. Lock those malevolent dice in style with our beautiful wooden dice jail. Carved in solid, polished wood with bright, colorful poles, these jails don’t just hold all the dice but look good while doing it. Designed to hold approximately 55 regular 20mm D20s, these jails take easily keep all of those bad dice in check, so you can play your game smoother than ever.


Wood - Cherry Wood

Pole Colors:

- Demons Blood: Red and Black

- Trolls Blood: Green and Black

- Rainbow: Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Green

- Dracolich: Purple and Black

- Barbarian's Rage: Red, Yellow, and Blue

- Willow O' the Wisp: Blue and Black

- Miami Dice: Teal and Pink

Interior - 3 1/2 in x 3 1/2 in x 2 1/2 in

Exterior - 4 in x 4in x 3 in


Holds approximately 55 regular 20mm D20s.


*Does not Include Dice*