Super Nova - Astroid Boulder® 45MM Alloy Dice



  • Embrace the Power. The largest explosion to ever happen in space, the supernova is a bright and supremely powerful explosion of a star that happens at the end of its life. A supernova is quite like one last crazy party before a star finally bows out. We knew we had to dedicate a dice to this rare yet fantastical phenomenon. Crafted in Zinc alloy with a captivating rainbow scorched finish, this Supernova-inspired polyhedral dice looks like a wild space party in dice form. The dice refract light as you roll it across the table and display all the colors of the rainbow, making it a flaunt-worthy dice that your fellow campaigners won’t be able to take their eyes off.

    You will receive a single Zinc Alloy D20. The D20 is approximately 45mm.