Interstellar - Astroid Boulder® 45MM Alloy Dice



  • Embrace the Power. The spaceship is fueled up, on standby, and awaiting the final countdown. The band of few, clad in their spacesuits and clinching on to their memories of the earth prepare for a one-way trip to a distant planet far away. And as the rocket burns its fuel and thrusts upwards at 40,000 km/h, the explorers prepare for an interstellar adventure of a lifetime. Made of pure zinc alloy, this single RPG dice features a copper antiquated finish with black enamel filling to resemble a distant interdimensional artifact that the brave space voyagers might chance to find. The polished metal surface displays our fine craftsmanship and eye for perfection.

    You will receive a single Zinc Alloy D20. The D20 is approximately 45mm.