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  • D&D 5e: Let’s Build An Aasimar!

    July 26, 2021 11 min read

    Author: Rhenn Anthony Taguiam


    Meta Description: Aasimar are one of the most popular ancestries in Dungeons & Dragons 5e outside of the Player's Handbook. And with this D&D 5e guide, we'll explore some of the best ways to play them.


    In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, the Aasimar have a link to beings of celestial or divine origin. As plane touched and descended from divine creatures, the Aasimar often find themselves linked to some higher purpose, more often than not missions in dreams. Players in a campaign dealing with different planes and celestials might find themselves comfortable with an Aasimar, as they have a natural disposition for prophetic visions, dreams, and feelings. Be warned though, just because Aasimar tend to be linked with good-aligned creatures doesn’t mean they’re good all throughout.


    This quick guide will elaborate how you can create an Aasimar for your D&D 5e campaign. And if you want to create an Aasimar character outside of the conventional “prophetic seer,” then we’ll teach you how to make your Aasimar a more engaging member of your party.

    Basics: The Traits

    Given their Divine nature, the Aasimar have extremely unique appearances and abilities. As such, players may want to take full advantage of these qualities on a technical level or perhaps use them to further develop an Aasimar character that fits the flavor of their chosen adventure. Moreover, Aasimar have different variants that players may choose from, depending on the backstory that their Aasimar would eventually have. Here are the Aasimar’s basic traits:


    • Ability Score Increase: CHA + 2
    • Age: While Aasimar mature at the same rate as Humans, they can live up to 160 years of age.
    • Size and Speed: Medium, with builds almost the same as Humans, 30ft walking speed.
    • Alignment: Most Aasimar are Good, thanks to their celestial and divine origins.
    • Racial Features: Aasimar have these racial qualities:
      • Darkvision, which grants the Aasimar the ability to see 60ft of dim light as though it were bright and see in darkness, but only in grey.
      • Celestial Resistance, which gives Aasimar Resistance to both radiant and necrotic damage.
      • Healing Hands, which grants the Aasimar the ability to heal anyone they touch according to their HP total. They can use this as an Action once every long rest.
      • Light Bearer, giving Aasimar access to the Light cantrip, of which they use their CHA as their Spellcasting Ability.
      • Languages, of which the Aasimar write, read, and speak Celestial and Common.

    Aasimar Variants

    Players can also become other kinds of Aasimar. On the one hand, they can become Protector Aasimar, who are agents of Good specifically tasked in staying vigilant against evil and defending the innocent. They generally receive these orders at a young age. Protector Aasimar receive these additional benefits:


    • Ability Score Increase: WIS + 1
    • Radiant Soul, wherein the Protector Aasimar of 3rd Level can use their Action to summon incorporeal and luminous wings from their back.
      • This effect lasts for a minute or until they use a Bonus Action to dismiss it.
      • This effect grants the Protector Aasimar 30ft flying speed.
      • They deal extra radiant damage equal to their Level on successful hits and spells.
      • This trait can only be used once every long rest.


    However, players can also become Scourge Aasimar, wherein divine energy consumes the Aasimar with a desire to destroy all evil. These Aasimar tend to wear masks to contain their power. They receive these additional benefits:


    • Ability Score Increase: CON + 1
    • Radiant Consumption, wherein the Scourge Aasimar releases the divine energy they contain. Starting 3rd Level, they can use an Action to radiate searing light from their body, mouth, and eleven eyes.
      • This transformation lasts for a minute or until they end it with a Bonus Action.
      • The Scourge Aasimar radiates 10ft bright light and an additional 10ft dim light.
      • For each turn this is active, the Scourge Aasimar, and every creature within 10ft have to take radiant damage of Half Level of the Aasimar, rounded up.
      • They deal extra radiant damage equal to their Level on successful hits and spells.
      • This trait can only be used once every long rest.


    Lastly, players can opt to become Fallen Aasimar, whose inner light has become consumed by darkness. They receive these additional benefits:


    • Ability Score Increase: STR + 1
    • Necrotic Shroud, which gives the Fallen Aasimar the ability to unleash their divine energy in the form of two ghostly, flightless, and skeletal wings.
      • When the Aasimar transforms, creatures within 10ft that can see this transformation have to make a CHA Saving Throw (DC is 8 + CHA Mod + Proficiency Bonus) or become frightened until the end of their next turn.
      • The transformation lasts for a minute until they end it with a Bonus Action.
      • They deal extra necrotic damage equal to their Level on successful hits and spells.
      • This trait can only be used once every long rest.

    Aasimar: The Best Classes To Build

    Thanks in part to their Divine nature, Aasimar often find themselves undertaking Classes and professions that are Divine and Celestial in nature. After all, these professions are extremely likely to help them communicate much more efficiently with their Higher Powers. However, some Aasimar may opt to choose their innate Strength, Wisdom, or Constitution to take on more technical roles that help them take full advantage of their specialization.


    Here are some interesting Class options for your Aasimar that takes into account their innate qualities and traits, as well as potential flavor:


    • Bard: Of all the Class choices to be linked to the Aasimar, a Bard might be a unique choice. After all, given the Aasimar’s relationship with the Divine, a talkative and performing Bard might be the last Class able to tap into this connection. Interestingly, it’s also a Bard that may best represent the Aasimar’s celestial interests, as their ability to perform may be able to explain or elaborate on the intentions of their Celestial benefactor much better. Moreover, their performance may be a unique way of communicating with their Celestial contacts as well.
      • The versatile nature of the Bard may be a perfect fit for the Aasimar. After all, the natural CHA Ability Score bonus of the Aasimar makes them a perfect fit for the Bard role. In fact, it’s if they choose to become an Aasimar variant that can dictate the way they battle - more offensive for the Fallen Aasimar and more supportive for the Protector Aasimar.
      • Thanks to the innate abilities of the Aasimar, an Aasimar Bard can have a more supportive role in the party. Moreover, if there’s a dedicated healer in the group, an Aasimar Bard can offer great damage support while at the same time boosting their comrades. Given the Divine nature of the Aasimar, this kind of strategy makes great sense.
      • Moreover, the Divine and mysterious nature of the Aasimar might make them an interesting Bard, especially when they start performing and telling stories about their kind. The College of Lore, College of Glamour, and College of Eloquence might fit the Aasimar Bard, especially those that are extremely invested in making a name for themselves.
    • Cleric: Due to their Divine connection, it makes sense for the Aasimar to be the avatar of whatever Celestial has been communicating with them. And in the case of a deity, an Aasimar Cleric may be the perfect means of representing their deity and their business with the world at large. However, unlike other Clerics, an Aasimar Cleric may have a much deeper and personal connection to their deity, making room for more interesting conflicts and opportunities for character development.
      • Thanks to the innate CHA Ability Score bonus of the Aasimar, they make ideal Clerics in terms of roleplaying. Their natural allure and charm may help inspire others to join them in their quest for divine enlightenment. Meanwhile, players may also choose Aasimar variants to lean towards a more combat-oriented Cleric (in the case of the Fallen Aasimar) or a more spellcasting-oriented Cleric (in the case of the Protector Aasimar).
      • The innate abilities of Aasimar can complement their Cleric builds, as they may rely on their divine-oriented healing and perks to save some Spell Slots that the Cleric may use to cast more flexible spells. Moreover, Cleric Abilities such as Channel Divinity, Destroy Undead, and Divine Intervention seem very fit for the flavor the Aasimar offers.
      • The divine nature of the Aasimar make them extremely viable Clerics, with the Aasimar Cleric choosing a Domain that fits their Deity of choice or their innate personality traits. As such, the Protector Aasimar might belong to the Forge, Order, and Protection Domain. Meanwhile, the Fallen Aasimar might lean towards Death, Grave, Trickery, and even War Domains.
    • Monk: An Aasimar Monk might help explain the means through which an Aasimar can hone their connection with the Divine. After all, the Monastic Tradition the Aasimar Monk chooses may help them tap into their spirituality much better and through meditation, commune with their Divine benefactor in order to receive their orders or perhaps other relevant information about the Aasimar’s deeper purpose in life.
      • Despite the lack of a DEX Ability Score bonus among the Aasimar, their special abilities may still complement the Monk’s arsenal of unique abilities. In particular, the WIS Ability Score bonus of the Protector Aasimar may make them ideal for Monks with a penchant for spells, while the Scourge Aasimar may lead towards more hardier Monks. Regardless of the choice, their innate CHA Ability Score bonus may make Aasimar Monks more diplomatic and more conversational, which can help boost the flavor appeal of the Monk.
      • Regardless of the lack of a DEX bonus, the Monk doesn’t necessitate the reliance on DEX, especially for attacks. If a player chooses to balance out DEX and STR of the Aasimar Monk, not only will they get a dexterous Monk that takes full advantage of Unarmored Defense and Unarmored Movement. Rather, the balanced STR may also help Monks switch their Attack bonuses back and forth between STR and DEX, opening up the battle for more unique attack combos.
      • Thanks to the Divine nature of Aasimar, players may choose more flavorful Monastic Traditions for their Monk. Ideal choices are easily the Astral Self, Kensei, Open Hand, Sun Soul, and Tranquility. Aasimar Monks who think they have a much higher calling may take advantage of these Monastic Traditions for both their unique skill sets and story potential.
    • Paladin: Thanks to the inherent connection of the Aasimar to the Divine, it makes sense for them to lean towards a Class that enables them to represent this relationship. An Aasimar Paladin can make full use of their CHA Ability Score bonus for spells and their martial training will allow Aasimar to take care of any threat that blocks them from their path towards meeting and interacting with their Celestial benefactor.
      • The innate CHA Ability Score bonus of the Aasimar makes them extremely fitting for the Paladin role. Outside Clerics who aim to serve their deities, Paladins have a more active role in upholding the principles their deities represent. CHA enables Aasimar Paladins to be more commanding and diplomatic, while additional bonuses of the Aasimar variants may give a certain degree of flexibility to the Paladin’s approach in combat and interactions.
      • Aside from the flavor, the innate abilities of the Aasimar also complement the Paladin’s. Both the Aasimar and Paladin have basic healing magic that can help the party in a pinch. And the Paladin’s Channel Divinity, Divine Sense, Divine Smite, and various Auras add to the Divine nature of the Aasimar.
      • The Divine nature of the Aasimar make them perfect Paladins, especially if they have a connection with gods and other denizens of the Celestial Plane. And depending if they choose an Aasimar variant, their Paladin Oath may rely on their overall mission and outlook in life. Aasimar who aim to serve and defend their cause may opt for Oaths of the Ancient, Crown, Devotion, and Glory. However, Aasimar who have been sent to have more active roles may choose Oaths of Conquest, Glory, Redemption, Treachery, and Vengeance.
    • Sorcerer: Interestingly, just because an Aasimar has ties to the Divine doesn’t mean they should solely be confined to the Celestial. An Aasimar Sorcerer might add a new spin to the Aasimar concept, as their Sorcerous Origins may somehow clash with their connection to the Divine. Or perhaps their Sorcerous Origins may directly tie into their relationship with their Divine benefactor, immediately opening a ton of story opportunities to define the Aasimar Sorcerer’s role in the larger machinations of the game.
      • The innate CHA Ability Score bonus of Aasimar makes them an ideal fit for a Sorcerer, with players being able to add more flair to their character and class should they choose an Aasimar variant. For instance, Protector Aasimar may be able to Multiclass into a Cleric, while Fallen Aasimar might want to be more of a melee-type Sorcerer.
      • The natural traits and abilities of Aasimar complement the versatile nature of Sorcerers. And while Sorcerers tend to be much “wilder” than Wizards, an Aasimar Sorcerer may be able transform their skills into making them a spellcasting powerhouse in the party.
      • The Celestial or divine background of an Aasimar make them ideal Aasimar Sorcerers with divine or celestial Sorcerous Origins, such as the Aberrant Mind, Divine Soul, Phoenix, or Psionic Soul. These Origins may even tie in not just to their personal story, but also to how Aasimar interact with the adventure or campaign world at large.

    Celestial Heritage: Interesting Character Backgrounds

    An Aasimar’s Celestial background allows both Players and Dungeon Masters to assign interesting stories tied to their personal arcs. Aasimar don’t always need to be in close contact with their Higher Powers, as they may even opt for a more clandestine approach to their mission. They may be an Aasimar who has fallen out of touch from the Divine or an Aasimar bent on fulfilling their purpose in whatever means necessary.


    Regardless of the reason, Aasimar are likely travelling in order to find their true purpose and they may travel as one of the many backgrounds below:


    • Far Traveler (Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide): The mysterious nature of the Aasimar and their Divine calling may be a great source of storytelling material, as the Aasimar may have come from a far-off realm as a Far Traveler in search for their true purpose. A Dungeon Master may use this opportunity to let the party explore the various realms the Aasimar Far Traveler has explored in order to further develop their story.
      • Tools: Choose between Musical Instrument x1, and Gaming Set x1
      • Languages: Choose one language.
      • Proficiencies: WIS (Insight), WIS (Perception)
    • Knight (Player’s Handbook): An Aasimar serving a Celestial benefactor may appear as their knight, upholding their holy values and morals. Likewise, an Aasimar pursuing the favor of their deity may want to display their faith as holy warriors or even knights who fight for the weak and the oppressed. This direction can open interesting plot points for the Aasimar, especially if they serve as the knight of a nation their deity would want them to usurp or fight against.
      • Tools: Gaming Set x1
      • Languages: Choose one language.
      • Proficiencies: CHA (Persuasion), INT (History)
    • Sage (Player’s Handbook): An Aasimar Sage makes sense for most adventure settings, as the Aasimar’s prolonged lifespan will enable them to be wise individuals that people - or even nobility and royalty - may approach for advice. Interestingly, they may also be Aasimar just fresh out of their academies from faraway, with this particular Aasimar determined to use their sagely learnings to help the rest of the world as they await their true Divine calling.
      • Tools: None
      • Languages: Choose any two languages.
      • Proficiencies: INT (Arcana), INT (History)
    • Secret Identity (Out of the Abyss): An adventure setting where deities are “dead” and the “faithful” are hunted may benefit from an Aasimar with a Secret Identity. In this concept, an Aasimar might be roaming the world as “someone” else as they find some way of reviving the gods and the faith of various creatures. Alternatively, an Aasimar with a Secret Identity can take on the role of a mysterious hero or vigilante motivated to help others without revealing their identity.
      • Tools: Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit
      • Languages: None
      • Proficiencies: CHA (Deception), DEX (Stealth)
    • Soldier (Player’s Handbook): Players who want to take a spin on the “Divine calling” aspect of the Aasimar may actually set them up to become a Soldier serving the army of their Celestial benefactor. After all, a Soldier doesn’t necessarily have to be serving under a general or a nation’s leader - and an Aasimar Soldier being sent from the heavens or even a far-off realm can in itself generate interesting dialogue and implications between your character and the other members of the party.
      • Tools: Vehicles (Land), Gaming Set x1
      • Languages: None
      • Proficiencies: STR (Athletics), CHA (Intimidation)