BiFrost - 7 Piece Metal Dice Set


  • Experience Power. Formed from a rainbow with a blinding melange of colors and light, the Bifrost can instantly transport you anywhere within the nine realms; provided Heimdall allows you to pass through. Extremely difficult to discover and gain access with the lurking risk of radiant damage upon crossing it, this magical bridge gives the party immediate and unrestricted entry into any of the planes. Encapsulating the mesmerizing beauty of the burning rainbow bridge, this dice set is sure to be one of the main highlights of your next session. With its multichromatic iridescent charm, it glints and glimmers under the lights to fill the room with rainbows.

    What Good Is Plastic Against Orcs, Dragons and Goblins? Whenever you're setting off on an adventure, it's important to use the right weapons. Norse Foundry's ultimate metal dice set for RPGs is the perfect solution for an epic journey of any kind.

    A Unique Quality FULL METAL Dice Set. Norse Foundry RPG dice are FULL METAL down to the core, no holes, no fills, no compromises. Weighing up to 50% more than average cheap plastic dice, they guarantee truly random drops for truly epic adventures!

    Designed for Perfection. Our dice also feature sharp corners that produce the best balance possible compared to round edged dice. Meanwhile, the numbers are engraved, painted and centered: our team made sure they're not crowded, ensuring maximum readability.

    The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall. While industry standard size is 16mm, our set averages at 18mm with a d20 of 20mm. They will feel heavy in your hand and you simply won't go back to plastic dice as they'll become an indispensable ally in any journey.

    *Wooden Box sold separately