Norse Foundry

Copper Blue Set

Copper Blue Imperial Jasper - 7 Piece RPG Set TruStone Dice


For Directions on how to maintain your Gemstone, click here.

*Wooden case is not included with purchase.


  • When you’re crawling dungeons and fighting off dangerous & plain evil monstrosities, a connection to the spiritual world could be quite useful. Known to enhance energy levels, endurance & willpower, imperial jasper will feel like a talisman in all of your tabletop RPG game sessions. Featuring brilliant specks of blue peeking through a mosaic of brown, this dice set is carefully hand-carved to show off this TruStone in its best light.

    Sourced from all around the world from places like Arizona, Egypt, France, Namibia, New Mexico, Utah, every single die in this set boasts a different pattern and a range of brown and blue hues that will mesmerize you.