Yggdrasil - Norse Themed Metal Dice Set


  • Runes of Power. With a 4000-foot wide trunk and enormous branches that extend all the way up to heaven, this great ash tree creates its own plane of existence. Also known as the world tree or the tree of life, the Yggdrasil connects the prime material plane to the astral and outer planes. A climb to the astral planes, though not impossible, takes about 100 days, that combined with erratic gravity throughout this giant tree, is a task no mortal has ever completed successfully.

    An Adventure Awaits. Inspired by this sacred tree that’s illuminated even at night by the stars, this enchanting polyhedral dice set looks grey during the day and glows magnificently in the dark.

    Durable Material. Made from solid zinc alloy. They are strong, solid and ready for the challenge of any adventure. Each piece is meticulously designed to create a unique dungeon crawling experience.

    MDF Powder mixed in the enamel is not an exact science there can be places where the powder clumps in certain areas we do our best to mix the powder but it sometime can clump during the drying period.