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  • Lets Build an Eladrin Elf in 5E

    May 05, 2024 6 min read

    Author: Chris Katrev

    Building an Eladrin in 5E

    The Eladrin stands as a cornerstone in Dungeons & Dragons lore, embodying the essence of elves deeply rooted in the mystical Feywild. Over the editions, their evolution has been rich and multifaceted, culminating in a captivating iteration in the 5th edition.


    Exploring Eladrin Traits


    The revised rendition of the Eladrin introduced in Monsters of the Multiverse closely mirrors its counterpart in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Key features like Fey Ancestry and Trance underwent refinement, aligning with the updated iterations, while Fey Step underwent adjustments, providing greater flexibility without straying from their thematic essence and defining characteristics.


    Ability Score Increases

    When determining your character’s ability scores, increase one score by 2 and increase a different score by 1, or increase three different scores by 1.

    Fey Ancestry

    Fey Ancestry provides a significant advantage by granting you advantage on saving throws against the charmed condition, offering robust protection against a common form of magical influence.

    Fey Step

    Fey Step offers unparalleled mobility, allowing you to teleport up to 30 feet as a bonus action, which can be crucial for repositioning in combat or navigating obstacles. Additionally, its seasonal enhancements provide versatile utility, from charming foes to aiding allies' movements or inflicting damage on adversaries.

    Keen Senses

    The proficiency in Perception, sharpens your awareness, making you adept at spotting hidden threats or discovering hidden treasures.


    Trance provides both practical and narrative benefits, as it frees you from the need for sleep and renders you immune to magical slumber, ensuring you remain alert and ready for action. Furthermore, the ability to change seasons and temporarily gain proficiency in weapons or tools enhances your adaptability and versatility, allowing you to tailor your skills to suit your current needs or challenges.


    Exploring Eladrin Class Options


    Exploring the diverse capabilities that Eladrin characters bring to different classes reveals a captivating realm of versatility and adaptability.


    Artificers greatly benefit from the Eladrin's Fey Step, offering them access to teleportation, a capability not typically available to their class. However, since artificers often rely on their Bonus Action for various actions, the use of Fey Step may conflict with their usual activities. Trance's provision of an additional tool proficiency enhances their versatility and utility.


    Barbarians, known for their front line combat prowess, find the Eladrin's teleportation ability invaluable for swift repositioning on the battlefield. Fey Ancestry's advantage against charm effects fortifies their resilience, while Perception proficiency complements their vigilant nature. Summer's fire damage enhancement aligns well with their aggressive play style, particularly in crowd control situations.


    Bards, lacking Misty Step in their spell repertoire, appreciate the Eladrin's teleportation for its mobility benefits. Trance's provision of an additional tool proficiency enhances their versatility, often aiding in their charismatic endeavors or utility roles.


    Clerics, without access to short-range teleportation spells, find Fey Step beneficial for repositioning in combat. Fey Ancestry provides protection against charm effects, bolstering their resilience, while Perception proficiency aids in their vigilant observation and perception of their surroundings.


    Druids, relying on Wild Shape for versatility, can utilize Fey Step for swift positioning in combat situations. Trance's provision of additional proficiency allows for greater versatility, even though they often opt for tools over weapons.


    Fighters, with flexible Bonus Action usage, can easily incorporate Fey Step into their combat tactics. Fey Ancestry provides protection against charm effects, while Perception proficiency enhances their situational awareness in battle.


    Monks, heavily reliant on Bonus Actions for various class features, find Fey Step less impactful, although Fey Ancestry offers additional protection against charm effects. Trance's additional proficiency, particularly in tools, provide some utility.


    Paladins, often restricted to melee combat, benefit greatly from Fey Step's teleportation capability. Fey Ancestry's protection against charm effects enhances their resilience, while Perception proficiency aids in their vigilant observation.


    Rangers, typically lacking access to Misty Step, find Fey Step advantageous for maneuvering on the battlefield. Trance's provision of additional tool proficiency complements their resourcefulness, while Perception proficiency enhances their tracking abilities.


    Rogues, relying on Cunning Action for maneuverability, may find Fey Step less necessary but still useful for escaping grapples. Trance's provision of additional proficiency adds to their versatility.


    Sorcerers, though they have access to Misty Step, can benefit from Fey Step's versatility, particularly considering their limited spells known. However, Trance and Perception proficiency may offer limited utility for most sorcerers.


    Warlocks, despite having access to Misty Step, may find Fey Step useful due to their limited spell slots.


    Wizards, able to utilize Fey Step alongside casting leveled spells, appreciate its flexibility in combat situations.

    Exploring Eladrin Feat Options


    If you're seeking feats that enhance the abilities and themes of a Eladrin, here are several options that harmonize with those characteristics.


    Elven Accuracy


    Enhance your already sharp senses with this feat, gaining an additional roll on attack rolls with advantage using Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma. This synergies well with the Eladrin's natural abilities and can greatly increase your chance of landing critical hits.




    Lean into the Eladrin's agility with the Mobile feat, which allows you to dart in and out of combat more freely. Your speed increases by 10 feet, and when you make a melee attack against a creature, you don't provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest of the turn, whether you hit or not.


    War Caster


    If you plan to combine your spellcasting with combat prowess, War Caster is an excellent choice. It grants advantage on Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration on spells when you take damage and allows you to perform the somatic components of spells even when wielding weapons or a shield.

    Fighting Initiate

    This feat is beneficial for Eladrin characters as it enhances their combat abilities, allowing them to adapt to various situations on the battlefield. They can gain access to new fighting styles, maneuvers, or weapon proficiency, further diversifying their martial capabilities and making them more versatile fighters.


    Bolster your Eladrin's defenses with the Resilient feat, which allows you to increase one ability score of your choice by 1 (to a maximum of 20) and gain proficiency in saving throws using that ability. This can shore up any weaknesses in your character's defenses.

    Exploring Eladrin Background Options


    Eladrin can adapt to a range of backgrounds based on their past experiences, training, and goals. Here are five backgrounds that may particularly suit Eladrin characters:


    Eladrin, with their ties to the Feywild, often have enigmatic and mysterious personas. The Faceless background suits them well, allowing for a character shrouded in secrets and intrigue. It provides opportunities for storytelling around hidden identities, past traumas, or hidden agendas, adding layers to the character's personality.

    Far Traveler

    Eladrin are known for their wanderlust and affinity for traversing between realms. The Far Traveler background captures this wanderlust, offering a backstory of a character who has journeyed far from their homeland. It opens possibilities for encounters with diverse cultures, exotic landscapes, and unusual customs, enriching the character's experiences and worldview.


    As denizens of the Feywild, Eladrin may have experienced the disorienting and surreal nature of the Feywild's magic. The Feylost background delves into this aspect, depicting a character who has become lost or stranded in the Feywild or other magical realms. It provides a compelling backstory of survival, adaptation, and perhaps even transformation, highlighting the character's resilience and resourcefulness.


    Eladrin often possess ancient lineages and connections to powerful Fey ancestors. The Inheritor background reflects this heritage, providing a rich backstory of inheriting artifacts, titles, or responsibilities from their familial line. It adds depth to the character's identity and may tie into their motivations and quests.

    Witchlight Hand

    Eladrin, with their connection to the Fey and magic, may find themselves drawn to mystical Witchlight Carnival. The Witchlight Hand background is an excellent fit for characters due to its mysterious and magical nature, providing opportunities for exploration, growth, and connection to Fey themes.

    In conclusion, Eladrins offer a rich tapestry of versatility and depth across various classes and backgrounds in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. With their innate connection to the Feywild and unique abilities, they bring a touch of magic and mystery to any campaign setting.