Wheel of Flame Dice Candle by Boonzy Arts Candles

Each of our Wheel of Flame candles represents a different terrain you might visit on a tabletop game campaign. Your game master can light a new candle every time you venture into a different realm, setting the stage — and the mood — with an evocative scent.

These candles also have a hidden treasure: a metal die from Norse Foundry! You will find a beautifully crafted and satisfyingly heavy D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, or percentile die embedded in the wax, emerging after several hours of burn time.

The set includes six different candles:

  • Lair of the Dragon: musky and smoky, like incense.
  • Fortress of Sorcery: spicy sandalwood with hints of olive and cypress.
  • Sands of the Desert: sage, dried grass, and cactus flower
  • Forest of Enchantment earthy blue spruce with notes of eucalyptus
  •  Port by the Ocean: sea salt and ocean air
  •  Castle in the Clouds: crisp, fresh, and light.

Each candle is 8 oz and has about 50 hours of burn time. We use 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. The labels are Boonzy Arts originals, with artwork by Wilson Swain and typesetting by Brett Jackson.