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Single Wondrous Dice® D20 in Giant Slayer by Norse Foundry 6063 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

  • There are many kinds of giants in the world of DND. From demons to ogres, giants are slower but they can cause devastating damage with a single blow. To conquer a giant, you need something more powerful than a regular weapon; you need a wondrous item.

    This beautiful dice set by Norse Foundry features a grey tint with splatters of red and teal, giving it a gorgeous look. Add this to your character’s special inventory and go from hiding from giants to slaying them. The burst of colors of this dice set also helps spice up even the gloomiest of campaigns.

    Wondrous Dice: Each die is made using CNC machine milling and undergoes multi-colored anodization. This presents it with enchanting beauty while also making each die 100% unique, with no two dice ever looking the same.