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Legacy of Mana Book Preorder


Legacy of Mana is a Pathfinder and Dungeon's & Dragons 5E Roleplaying Game compatible setting guide, created by Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander Studios. Thomas Gofton is the creative force behind board games like Albion's Legacy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Board Game, and he's created an original roleplaying setting like nothing else we've ever seen. Norse Games (sister company of Norse Foundry) is excited by what this setting has to offer, and we know you will be too:

Imagine a world where Wizards and Sorcerers don't reign supreme: a world where magic is as powerful as ever, and flows from the core of the planet itself through every living thing in the form of mana, and yet, those who wield it, those who are most attuned to it, fear for their lives, hunted to near extinction by an army of ordinary soldiers. The knights of this army carved their way across the land, empowered by alchemically crafted swords that thirsted for and destroyed mana in all of its forms, absorbing lightning bolts as harmless white light, draining magical creatures of their very life force, and converting the stored energy drained from the mana into powerful blasts of energy.

The reign of these Iltherian Knights couldn't last forever, and with their kingdom brought to its knees by a small group of rebels, the world has been thrown into chaos. In this fractured world, warlords are rising up, attempting to impose their own brand of order. Some seek their rightful place as the blooded rulers of the realm. Others merely intend to conquer through strength of arms or manipulation. This chaotic world needs heroes to act as guides through the storm, protecting the common people from the war still waging around them. It needs heroes to fight the Iltherian Knights, protect the rightful rulers of the land, and forge a path through the chaos. That's where you come in...