Norse Foundry

Copper Blue Imperial Jasper TruStone 7 Piece RPG Dice Set Gemstone

  • That mix of different gemstone granules is held together with resin to create mesmerizing dice sets that you will instantly fall in love with. Each die is made with crushed Copper Blue Imperial Jasper gemstones sourced from mineral deposits in the USA, Austria, and England.

    A beautiful mix of blues, browns, and white makes it look like an exotic beach with its clear blue waters and soft, golden sands. Colors will vary from set to set. The dice are engraved with white Norse numerics to add a delightful finishing touch. Add this wondrous item to your character’s set and keep them one step ahead of every challenge they may face in their conquests and adventures.

    A great addition to your RPG set, this 7-piece polyhedral dice set will be loved by all your fellow players and adventurers during the next meeting or game night. Due to the unique mixture of gemstones, no two dice are ever alike.

*Dice Box Not Included with Purchase.