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Shipping Information

What is your shipping timeframe?

We ship all orders within 1 business day (Monday - Friday) from when the order is placed. We observe all national holidays and days that USPS is not open and do not ship on weekends. Some delay will occur during conventions see below for convention shipping timeframes. We will have a notification at the top or bottom of the page of any delays. We ask for one additional business day after any closed holidays and during Black Friday / Cyber week due to high volumes of shipments. 

What is your cut off for expedited shipping (Overnight, 2 Day)

All orders that are overnight packages the cut off is 7 am eastern standard time. Please note that overnight and 2 day are only business days and we do not offer Saturday or Sunday delivery service. We do not ship during weekends so all shipments order on the weekend will be processed on the next business day.

How long does free shipping take?

We normally find that Free Shipping takes 3 - 5 business days in the continental US. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery timeframes on free shipping only estimates.

Can I get a refund on shipping if it doesn't arrive on time?

If you purchase a shipping option with refundable shipping such as overnight, 2 day of FedEx or UPS and the package is delayed past the delivery time from of that service YES you can get a full refund. Please email us at we will process it with the carrier and give you the refund within 2 business days once its processed. Please note that we will file the paperwork for the guarantee and provide the refund when the carrier provides it. We normally do not have any issues with these refunds but cannot offer a refund if the carrier declines it for one of their policies (Natural Disaster, Wrath of God, etc). Please note that international shipments do not have a refundable guarantee due to customs and other factors. 

What should I do if my shipment is damaged?

Please keep all packaging that came with your purchase, email us photos of the damage to and we will ship you out replacements of whatever is damaged in shipping. Most of our shipments are insured so we do ask for photos so we can apply for insurance.

If I return an item and paid for expedited shipping can I get a refund on shipping? 

Unfortunately, since the fees associated with shipping are non refundable unless the item doesn’t arrive within the set time period or the item is damaged we will not be able to refund you for any expedited shipping costs. We do offer free shipping on all orders if you are unsure if you will like the product. However anything expedited will be at the cost of the buyer and no refundable.

I see you are at a convention are you still shipping?

Most conventions are all hands on deck for us so we normally are not shipping during a convention. We do have some limited shipping abilities during a convention please contact us at to see if your items are available through these routes. All expedited shipping will be shipped upon our return. We ask for two days to fulfill orders placed during conventions when we reopen.

I am missing or got the wrong item what can I do?

Email us at with your order number and which item is missing is incorrect. We are human and mistakes do happen, we apologize and will work to rush out a replacement to you as soon as we can. In most cases we will ship the replacement one of our expedited options unless overnight was purchased prior. 

Are VAT and other customs fees included in my shipping fee?

We do not have the ability to calculate and/or pre-charge VAT and other customs fees that your country may or may not charge you. Our international shipping fee is a flat rate fee that only covers the postage to make it to you. Any fees that occur for customs, VAT and other taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please check your local countries rates and requirements to get an idea of what you may owe.

What is your international shipping time frame?

International shipping is rated at 6 - 10 business days. Please be advised both US and the incoming customs office has the right to hold a package for any reason for up to 2 weeks and can delay this estimate if it is held. We do not guarantee any of international shipments we can only provide estimates due to this. All non expedited international shipments are processed on Mondays and Fridays only. During any holidays we will push the day by one day forward or backward to allow for 2 shipments of international orders to be shipped per week. Expedited international shipments will be processed within one business day of the order being placed. 

Return to Sender Policy

Any shipment that is returned to sender is not subject to a refund of the shipping fees. Furthermore any Free Shipping shipment that is returned due to rejection, invalid or incorrect address is subject to an invalid shipment fee. If you would like us to reship the product, please repurchase the product and update your address. We will not reship any return to sender shipments for free due to an address or rejection error. We are not responsible for any lost or destroyed shipments that are not returned by the carrier due to a return to sender, rejection or incorrect address return. 

Other questions?

Not seeing what you are looking for here? No problem email us at or message us on the chat bubble in the lower right corner and we are happy to get right with you!