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Sneak Attack - Wondrous Dice Set of 7 RPG Dice by Norse Foundry Precision Polyhedral Dice Set

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  • What rogues are known to do best, sneak attacks can leave opponents confused and defeated. If your character is a rogue and with the sharpest mind around, you’ll need the perfect weapon to render your enemy defenseless with just one sneak attack. But if you find yourself up against a cunning rogue you’ll have to be doubly cautious and make every move or attack count. When you’ve got these gorgeous red and silver dice, no matter what side you’re on you’ll be able to handle your opponent and every attack.

    Wondrous Dice: Each die is made using CNC machine milling and undergoes multi-colored anodization. This presents it with enchanting beauty while also making each die 100% unique, with no two dice ever looking the same.